This is what I have learned from the new household members so far.... I am smarter than a chicken. I am dumber than a puppy. Chickens go poop a lot. Puppies go poop a lot. According to everything I have read, the chances of a chicken dying a terrible death is about 98%. According to [...]

Well, the big day has arrived with a few changes.  My soul sisters, the new chicks (see previous blog) are here now.  But, the box I built for them is way too big. I probably could start raising cattle in it. Also, it is cold, for our area, so the garage is too cold even [...]

I think we, as human beings, might have some animals that we have some inexplicable spiritual bond with.....I know, sounds really weird. In our front yard we have a very overgrown area that I have refused to clean up because the quail live in there and they are protected from the predators, including our own two [...]