gone crazy

I think we, as human beings, might have some animals that we have some inexplicable spiritual bond with…..I know, sounds really weird.

In our front yard we have a very overgrown area that I have refused to clean up because the quail live in there and they are protected from the predators, including our own two cats. Twice a year, I get to see the brand new baby quail (I don’t care what their scientific name might be…ok,it is Callipepla californica which sounds like a Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song) run around following their parents.  This almost brings tears to my eyes.  The joy, for some reason, runs so deep I can’t explain it nor even understand it.

California Quail
Male California Quail (Callipepla californica) with chicks


Unfortunately though, very unfortunately, these birds are not the deepest of my feathered soulmates, although I wish they were. For me, it is the common … chicken. We raised some a  a long time ago.   I would sit out and watch them and laugh, really laugh, at their behavior.  I would find it hilarious how a hen would lay an egg and then strut around as if to brag about it…every time…and the other hens would look upon her with true admiration.  I know, maybe I am reading too much into it, but that is what happens when you have an animal soulmate – ya get each other.

Now on the other hand, I understand what a total pain in the ass raising a few chickens can be and this has kept me admiring the quail. We even cleaned up a tiny bit of the overgrown area and put a swing in there so we can sit among the birds.  It is very, very calming. (Until the thieving, drug dealers drive up the street and I start obsessing about their death by mountain lion. See a previous blog.) However, it lit the fire of the chicken spirit in me and now I have become obsessed (meaning I’ve gone crazy) about getting six chicks from the local feed store.

This afternoon I went to the local feed store, bought the pine shavings, the chick feed, the heat lamp, the watering tray and the feed tray.  I then went to the lumberyard and bought the material to create a brooder for my soon to be feathered spiritual sisters.  (Hopefully, I IMG_0903 don’t get a rooster. I don’t have the same spiritual bond with those guys!)  I was pretty proud of my carpentry until I discovered I didn’t buy enough for a bottom.  So tomorrow, after work, back to the lumberyard I go.  Being a humane human, each little chick will have 3 square feet, 3 times the recommended area, for the little ones as they learn to eat and drink.  I already have a great place picked out for their permanent home, under tall fir trees, that will be cool in the summers and plenty of room to roam.  I saw a great little red chicken coop that eventually will be their chicken palace. These are going to be lucky chickens.  Hopefully, the feed store will have some available to purchase tomorrow.

Now the title of this blog is “gone crazy” and there is probably enough proof of that already in the previous paragraphs and the other blogs I have written, but here is one more piece of solid evidence for you….tomorrow, we are looking at a puppy.

Yep, gone crazy.


I really like this group a lot, Annabelle’s Curse.  They have some great music on Soundcloud.  This is one of my favorites, Premonition. Please support them,… seem like good people too.