Day One

Well, the big day has arrived with a few changes.  My soul sisters, the new chicks (see previous blog) are here now.  But, the box I built for them is way too big. I probably could start raising cattle in it. Also, it is cold, for our area, so the garage is too cold even with a heat lamp. So, I now have 8 chicks in my home office complete with a new brooder cage.


So far, so good. I figure that the first fresh egg will probably have cost me about $1,000 U.S dollars by the time I get their outside area protected from the skunks, possums, foxes, raccoons, mountain lions, hawks, bears and Gracie.

Who is Gracie, you ask? The Golden Doodle puppy we are bringing home on Saturday morning. Photos soon.

This was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid.  Little did I know that it would end up representing what working life was really like, minus the sheep. Sam and Ralph going to work!

Got to get back to the chicken ranch….