Lessons Learned: Part 1

This is what I have learned from the new household members so far….

  1. I am smarter than a chicken.
  2. I am dumber than a puppy.
  3. Chickens go poop a lot.
  4. Puppies go poop a lot.
  5. According to everything I have read, the chances of a chicken dying a terrible death is about 98%.
  6. According to our puppy’s behavior and choices for interactions, my personality is less engaging than a pine cone, a stick, or a weed in the ground.
  7. I can make clucking sounds like a mother hen and two of the chicks come running over and stretch their necks out to visit with me.
  8. The sight of #7 makes your grandchildren laugh really  hard while other family members question your sanity.
  9. There is great love to be learned from our animals.
  10. Lists usually stop at ten items, even when you don’t have a 10th item.

My unmet in-person friend Mark Mayes is a remarkable songwriter, poet, and author.  Here is another one of his songs on Soundcloud, “Georgie Boy”

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