To whom it may concern, I have tried to be respectful of your space and your needs.  I understand, although I don't like it, when the deer eat my tomatoes. When the skunks come up and eat the cat food, I do realize that I should have brought it in at night.  Raccoons, you look cute, [...]

Here is my favorite blogger in the whole wide world. I have posted his music before, but with this poem he  expresses my feelings, especially those in my most recent blog, so very well. I highly recommend you consider following his blog site titled 'The Sea' Plus, he is just a really nice guy too! [...]

It has happened to me twice.  The first time it happened, I was about 25 years old and another time it happened when I was around 40 years old. I guess I am overdue for another visit. I was lying in a bed, in my grandmother's house, trying to take a late afternoon nap. I was in [...]

Abraham Lincoln gave, what is in my opinion, the greatest American speech… ever.  It was called the Gettysburg Address. He spoke only 272 words and the entire speech barely took two minutes to deliver. However, in that speech, he captured the complexity of the American Experience up to that moment in American history. That is [...]

Puppies wake up with more enthusiasm than I do. Puppies' paws digging into the top of your bare foot, as they prepare to leap up on you with pure joy in their hearts, really hurts. While on the last trip in the evening and the first trip in the morning  to 'puppy potty land',  you [...]

5:10:59  a.m.  Sound asleep 5:11 a.m. "Sonuvabitch, oh, oh, oh...shit, that hurts, can't move my leg, f%#k, that hurts, oh, oh..."  Woke up to a leg cramp that was  not in the calf, but off to the side of the lower leg. I couldn't find a a leg position that would release the cramping. "Breathe, [...]

Lately, I have said, in a high pitch motherly tone, the phrase, "Go potty, Gracie" much more than I thought could be possible.  After 3 weeks with our new puppy and our all out efforts with housebreaking, I think I am actually more yard broken. We are constantly monitoring Gracie's actions in an attempt to read [...]

During my childhood, every adult seemed to ask little children the very same question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  The earliest answer I can remember providing the inquiring big people was "I want to be a fireman!"  I loved playing with the toy firetrucks.  However, it wasn't very long before [...]