Lesson Learned: Part 2

  1. Puppies wake up with more enthusiasm than I do.
  2. Puppies’ paws digging into the top of your bare foot, as they prepare to leap up on you with pure joy in their hearts, really hurts.
  3. While on the last trip in the evening and the first trip in the morning  to ‘puppy potty land’,  you might see a full moon playing hide and seek with the passing clouds, which is visible through the pine trees – and in the morning you might see the sunrise change the colors of the clouds from light pink to brilliant orange with never a moment the exact same color –  and then you might remember that the very best things in life are absolutely free.
  4. Chicks grow at an incredible rate.IMG_1096
  5. Children love to hold chicks.
  6. Most animal predators prefer the darkness, just like most human predators do too.
  7. The more expensive the shoe, more likely the puppy will try to chew it up.
  8. There are a lot of people who would like to be around puppies and chickens.
  9. I discover God in far more of the simple things that I see and do than in the more complicated and ritualistic things of my life.
  10. If I could write a song that captured the essence of any of the points above, it would be a very good song.

Speaking of good songs, my buddy Chuck Aaron just posted a really neat original song titled Heaven Knows on Soundcloud. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Lesson Learned: Part 2

  1. A lovely piece, as always. And yes, it’s the simple things, for sure. Lovely pictures too. Been listening to Chuck’s new song – grand. 🙂


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