11:37 p.m. Wide awake in a hotel in Los Angeles, California, USA. Tired, but not sleepy. Had to present at a conference regarding student success. Went ok, but didn't have my usual rhythm. Felt off and a bit disconnected with the attendees who were all professors or professionals in higher education. My mind was not [...]

From Day One, there was one chick that was bolder and more curious than the rest.  I would play my guitar or mandolin and that chick would come running over. It got handled the most by everyone too.  It was hands-down my favorite.  However, I was noticing changes.  This chick grew the fastest and got [...]

(My  German friend wrote a wonderful comment on one of my blog postings and it jarred  a memory for me...) Funerals are, well, they are funerals.  Something very odd happens when the living intersects with the dead.  It is a very odd invite list.  At this intersection the rules of engagement can be in conflict.  [...]

I wish I could tell you exactly what this song is about - even though I wrote it.  Best I can tell you, it is an attempt to understand oneself through the cracked lens of a conservative religious upbringing and wondering if I threw out the baby with the bathwater? Anywho, I ended up writing [...]

Want to hear something really wierd...well, wierd to me anyways? A few months ago, I decided to take a great, big, bold step and share a small piece of me with total strangers.  I started posting my songs on a website called Soundcloud.  The site keeps 'play statistics' for you, if you care about such [...]

We live in a relatively small town in Northern California.  For many things we head "down the hill" to Chico where there are much larger stores.  On Saturday mornings, folks often head to the Farmer's Martket in downtown Chico where the sights, sounds, and fragrances are wonderful. You walk around and see so many people loving [...]

I remember when I was younger and I would get the "giggles."  Something would strike me as so funny that I couldn't stop laughing, particularly if I was with a friend. We'd try to stop, but then look at one another and begin laughing again.  I think most people remember those moments. The last time [...]