Wisdom from the ‘tache

I remember when I was younger and I would get the “giggles.”  Something would strike me as so funny that I couldn’t stop laughing, particularly if I was with a friend. We’d try to stop, but then look at one another and begin laughing again.  I think most people remember those moments.

The last time I can remember doing it, I was in a Psychology of Perception university course.  After a 45 minute, extremely boring lecture on how human eyesight works, the professor said, “And to summarize, during the day we use our cones and at night we use our rods.”  I immediately thought, “Well, hell, I could have told you all that 45 minutes ago,” and I started to giggle and then the harder I tried to stop the more the spit came out between my lips and snorting noises out of my nose. Nobody else found it that funny and that even made it worse for me.

Another time, I was in the midst of a very serious religious group of people while someone was asking for the group to pray for them due to their allergies.  As she kept describing the dust mites and their affect on her health, I started laughing under my breath and the more I tried to suppress it, the worse it got. I almost wet my pants.  Meanwhile I kept getting angry glares from the serious ones in the group which made it even harder to control.  I never got the chance to pray for that poor soul’s allergies because I had to get out of the room for her to continue with the long description of her “illness.”  I didn’t last much longer as a member of that group…nor did my giggling partner.

Things that I would get the uncontrollable giggles over weren’t necessarily hilarious in themselves, but it did feel good to laugh so hard I would lose my breath and my side would ache.  Those days seem long ago for me and others my age…and even for somewhat younger people too.  My favorite sound at work is when I hear some young adults out in the common area get laughing really hard about some silliness. I would like to bottle up that laughter and tell them to keep it with them for the rest of their lives…and mine too.

Things can get pretty serious for us as we lose our silliness, but once in awhile the silliness pops up unexpectedly.  Once I was in an important meeting with very serious people.  I have a very, very short attention span. I get bored very easy in very boring meetings which makes me fidget nervously.  In this particular meeting,  I took off my watch with the metal, elastic wrist band …like this one.


I started to twist it around and I absentmindedly brought it up to my face where it got stuck on some whiskers from my mustache. It was dangling over my upper lip while the serious people around the conference table kept talking without noticing my situation. I knew I had to think fast. If I tried to untangle the whiskers from the band, I was certain I would draw attention to myself. That would not be a good career move. My solution was going to cause some pain, but I pulled very quickly and very hard. Tears filled my eyes from the sensitivity of the area.  Several newly removed whiskers were in the wrist band as I slipped it back on to a more acceptable location for a wrist watch…my wrist. Nobody seemed to notice as my eyes continued to tear for a minute or so. If I was able to watch that whole situation happen, instead of being so deeply involved, I would have laughed very hard.

I have decided – since this is my blog – I need to be silly from time to time.  If I am lucky, maybe someday I will get the giggles again.

Introducing a new self help series called Wisdom from the ‘tache.


4 thoughts on “Wisdom from the ‘tache

  1. Hahaha,love this post and I love those situations. It reminded me of a classical concert I have been to once in this Berlin building called Philharmonie, known for its great acoustics. It was one of those concerts when you never know when to applaude cause the performance is divided into many acts, so you wait till someone starts to clap. These breaks are also usually used to finally be able to clear your throat and to cough 😀 To me, it´s always so funny to observe how noone wants to draw attention to oneself and is therefore obediently following the unwritten laws, including me. I was in the midst of serious classic music experts, when suddenly a male opera singer sang this fast funny melody, up and down with the notes, and he went really high. I´m sure he had amazing musical skills, but in that moment I turned into a silly teenager, hearing it from a different perspective, which made it all sound so funny and dorky. I couldn´s stop laughing. I infected my friend to the right, and soon we both couldn´t stop laughing. The stranger to my right turned his head to me all the time, wondering what´s going on and I was worried he would say any minute to please stop. In the concert break we switched to empty seats in the front row and continued to bother other people there, haha. But this way, the others got rid off us. I still feel slightly guilty about disturbing the event for all the people around us (they were incredibly patient), but the joy of having been able to break this serious conservative atmosphere is still bigger 😀 ..and now I feel guilty for having spammed your blog with my long comment. At any rate, thanks for those lovely memories and reminders, Gary!


    1. Brielle, That is a hilarious. I so much can see that happening. I started laughing as I read your description. Wouldn’t it be nice to laugh like that once a day? Thank you for sharing it with me. You just gave me another blog post idea too! I hope you are having a great day/week/month/year! (And, nothing you ever write with would ever be considered spam!!)


    2. That is hilarious. I was laughing as I read your story. I could so easily see that happening. What a tremendous release the giggles can be. Don’t you wish we could experience that once a day?


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