A Great, Tiny World

Want to hear something really wierd…well, wierd to me anyways?

A few months ago, I decided to take a great, big, bold step and share a small piece of me with total strangers.  I started posting my songs on a website called Soundcloud.  The site keeps ‘play statistics’ for you, if you care about such things. I am closing in on 4,000 plays, but that is no big deal because some people get their songs played that much in a single day.  At 62, my musical niche is pretty slim – but I have no control over what inspires my songs – so slim niche it will be.  What is a big deal to me is that my songs have been heard by people in 120 countries and I have barely left the little shed where we record them!   A few of these people, in a few of these countries, have become very supportive – I would say almost at the friend level.  They are all musicians who understand the vulnerability required to write songs worth listening to… in any country.

Now on top of that, I started this little blog site to see if I might like to write. Here, right where you are now, on the world wide web, people from 50 different countries have read something that I wrote.  I am not a world traveler. I don’t even have a passport. Still between the two websites, I have probably reached people in 150 countries.

A few days ago, a Soundcloud buddy wrote me with absolute joy to tell me that he just became a grandfather for the first time.  He wanted to share it with me, the me who lived on another continent.  Others have shared their personal life struggles because we share in this thing – this thing of creating music. Some have even cared enough that they basically told me to get my head out of my ass and stop caring so much about the opinions of others. I very much appreciated the courage it took  to be so honest with me. It was a wonderful gift. (I have tried to get my head out of my ass, but I sometimes revert to that, oh so, unfortunate position.) With another person, I ended up co-writing one of my most favorite songs and we have shared some wonderful life stories.  All these kind people, I have never shook hands with or looked them in the eye.  Yet, they have added interest and meaning to my life.  In the truest sense of the word… it has been a metaphysical experience for me.

So to them, and to all the others in this great, tiny world – thank you. This has been a blast and I highly recommend it.

This song I wrote from looking at a friend’s photography website ten years ago or so.  I wanted to see if I could write, not from personal experiences or imagination, but through someone else’s life experiences. Her name was indeed Rochelle.


2 thoughts on “A Great, Tiny World

  1. A great post, Gary. It will speak to a lot of people, I am sure. Wonderful to hear that people in so many countries are reading your words and thoughts and listening to your songs. Inspiring indeed, and one of the very good things about the internet.


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