Last week was a tough week for me; it was as if I crossed some invisible threshold into the world of the elderly. Due to my own lack of self care, I got a glimpse of what the future may look like if I don't make some life/nutritional is not I am implementing [...]

The Sacramento River begins at the base of Mt. Shasta and eventually pours into the San Francisco Bay. Underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, fish like shad and salmon will swim twice in their lifetime-once to head out to the Pacific Ocean and once back to the inland rivers to spawn. It is an amazing thing [...]

My good friend in Wales suggested that I should record some of my essays, stories and general ramblings that are posted on my Blog. I have learned to take his suggestions seriously, so this is my first attempt at such a thing. I just plugged in a microphone in my Iphone, closed the bedroom door [...]

Usually when I have a strange dream, I wake up but make myself go back to sleep.  In the morning I can't remember it very well.  So this early morning, I decided to get up at 1:30 a.m. and write down the details.  It seemed what a reflective writer would do and since I am [...]

I really, really like this blog. Amazing combination of words and pictures. It would be very easy to write an interesting song just from studying his art. Take some time and browse his past posts.



what are we

but feeble beings

hardwired to fail

and rise again


not once

not twice

but every time



a little less feeble


after all


what are we

but feeble beings

hardwired to fail…


phoenix – red: hardwired to fail

sketch version – phoenix



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Legend has it that John Lennon wrote Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds after seeing a picture his young son, Julian, had drawn for his classmate, Lucy. My daughter's best friend has a daughter in elementary school. This child's friend is a little boy in her class and just like Julian did...he recently drew a [...]