Are you awake?

Usually when I have a strange dream, I wake up but make myself go back to sleep.  In the morning I can’t remember it very well.  So this early morning, I decided to get up at 1:30 a.m. and write down the details.  It seemed what a reflective writer would do and since I am trying to improve my storytelling abilities, I knew I had to write it down. But, I was exhausted too, so I wrote it as a story to try to keep myself awake.  A disclaimer: I am not responsible for my dream’s imagery – I so hope.

“Storyteller, Storyteller?

“What Sleepy Head?”

“Are you awake?”

“I am now”

“Storyteller, I had a strange dream.”

“You are going to tell it to me, aren’t you?”

“I was being chased all throughout a house and people were trying to hide me”

“Who was chasing you?”

“The authority.”

“Oh, my…. The authority can be quite mean when they catch you.”

“Yes, I was very afraid and as I was running I overheard an old woman say to my young woman… ‘Come with me tonight and we will lay with many men’ ”

“Hmmm, sounds like my kind of a woman.”

“Storyteller, I am being serious here…and my young woman knew she had to keep hiding me from authority so she played along and said ‘OK'”

“Are you sure she was just playing along, Droopy Eyes?”

“I think so…any way, I jumped out of hiding and said accusatory things to both of them. Then the old woman laid down and raised her skirt and showed me her womanhood and tried to seduce me and I said ‘Your place is old and crusty.”

“Let me guess, Tired Eyes,that did not go over very well.”

“You are wise Storyteller. That is why I come to you with this dream.”

“Well in this case, you could have come to  a rock and it would have told you the old woman would not want to be told her womanhood is old and crusty…but since it is the middle of the night, I will accept your compliment just the same.”

“Whatever….then the authority started closing in on me and just as they almost got me…I saw Him.”

“Who him?”

“Not him, …Him.”

“Oh, thanks for clarifying.”

“Storyteller, Him looks different in print. That is why I am writing….Him was hiding too and had been for a long, long time. Him was the Healer, the one true Healer.”

“Nodding Off, was he made of corn?”

“Yes! How did you know? He was made of corn and he was thin and strong and old and ….. then suddenly, me and young woman spirit were in another place where a young dark skinned boy, …dark from the desert sun, was next to an old truck…and I said ‘Him has told me to tell you that he is alive and well.’ The boy’s face lit up. ”

“Did Crusty follow you? I would like to meet her. I am old too.  Maybe I could loosen her up some, if you know what I mean.”

“Please Storyteller, I am very tired and can hardly stay awake to tell you this dream. I feel sleep clawing at my eyes trying to shut them. If I go back to sleep I won’t remember all this in the morning. Why is that?”

“Well Barely Awake, because the deep lessons of the dream world are not for the awaken  ones. The Dream Keepers know that the awaken ones will not hold these lessons to their hearts and minds and care for them long enough for them to grow into wisdom….and so the lessons will be lost forever.”

“I am really sleepy Storyteller. Should I continue? Yes, I should….the boy exclaimed, ‘You saw Him?!’ And I blurted out proudly ‘Yes! He spoke to me.’ I knew immediately my pride had betrayed the trust Him put in me to protect his location from the authority. And then, an older, darken from the sun, man appeared next to the boy and he knew I shouldn’t have said anything too. He asked me, ‘What did he look like?’ I replied, ‘He is made of corn and he has the most compassionate, deep brown eyes with wrinkles on his face-but he is not old in our way of being old- and he is adored by all. He does not see himself as a teacher, but he teaches as naturally as the wind blows.’ The older man said back to me, ‘Yes, that is Him.’ …Storyteller?”


“As I am telling you this dream in the middle of the night with eyes so heavy I can barely open them, I see a shadow coming up behind me…a shadow of a man. He is tall. Who is he?”

“He is a Dream Keeper. He wants to take you back so your dream will crumble like sand, never to be put back together again, never remembered.”

“Can I go back to sleep now? I am so tired.”

“Yes, you can because I will care for your dream now until you wake up in the morning. By the way, since you typed this on your IPhone at two in the morning without wearing your reading glasses, you will be embarrassed with all the typos  and errors you have posted for the world to see…but that is ok, dreams are messy.”

“Thank you Storyteller. I must sleep now.”

“Goodnight Dreamer …hey, did you happen to get that old woman’s Facebook page? Dreamer? Dreamer, are you awake? Dreamer?….”