A nice place to be on a Sunday afternoon

The Sacramento River begins at the base of Mt. Shasta and eventually pours into the San Francisco Bay. Underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, fish like shad and salmon will swim twice in their lifetime-once to head out to the Pacific Ocean and once back to the inland rivers to spawn. It is an amazing thing to see. In some swimming holes in Northern California you can swim with 20, 30 salmon. Kind of a spritual thing, really, seeing the cycle of life that we all are apart of.

Headed out for a couple of hours to see how the boat was running yesterday and did a little shad fishing. These fish are not that big, but are strong fighters from their ocean muscles!

In America there are two things that men tend to brag about and overestimate the size of …the 2nd thing being a fish that they caught.

Here’s a silly, little video of yesterday’s afternoon on the Sacramento River with one of my son-in-laws.

2 thoughts on “A nice place to be on a Sunday afternoon

  1. Enjoyed watching this, gentlemen – looks like a lovely stretch of river. Did you eat them fish? I’m not sure if they are the edible kind. Looks very peaceful there.


    1. No, we catch and release most of the time and with shad that is easy to do because they are too ‘boney’ to eat….unless you are really hungry.! Now with salmon that is a different story. A 35 pound salmon produces some really nice fillets and the family gets together and puts it on the grill!

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