Wow, You Really Do Get Older

Last week was a tough week for me; it was as if I crossed some invisible threshold into the world of the elderly. Due to my own lack of self care, I got a glimpse of what the future may look like if I don’t make some life/nutritional changes…it is not pretty…so I am implementing those needed changes.

It is funny how when you are younger, you obviously know that, if you don’t die along the way, you will get older. You understand it intellectually….but not really so much emotionally.  Thirty years ago, when my son was 5 years old, we went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk Amusement Center south of San Francisco, California and we dressed up in old American western clothes. We had this photo taken….


Notice that my son is holding the whiskey and I am holding the rifle and there is a deck of cards on the table. We practiced his “snear” before the camera went off.

When that little boy turned 21, we were up in Virginia City, Nevada and came across another one of those photo studios. “Hey, let’s do that again,” I told him. However, this time I was holding the whiskey and he was holding the rifle…my attempt at some sort of message, I guess.


Well, there is some clear evidence for you about the aging process.  These two pictures are very dear to me for many reasons. I have always been thankful that we took those two photos-plus they were fun days all around.

Now that little boy is about the age I was in the first photo and he has a beautiful wife and three beautiful children, including his son who is maybe a year or so older than what his father was when we had that first photo taken. So, off to the annual fair we went today in search of another old time photo place.  We tried to get the youngin’ to snear like his old man did, but he is just too  tenderhearted.


How lucky am I to have lived these past 30 years!  Now I guess the goal should be to try to get a 4th generation picture taken, but we might have to marry the boy off sooner than he might like!  By the way, we passed the whisky bottle to the youngin’…it causes us intestinal distress!

Back to the first paragraph…I guess, as it has been said before, it is o.k. to get older, just don’t become “old.” Keep your youthful spirit and everything will work out just fine.