A Hike On Father’s Day

Today was Father’s Day in the U.S.. Some of the family, including Gracie,  went for a little hike on Big Bald Rock which is about an hour from where we live.  It is a large granite dome, reminds me somewhat of Yosemite…but no crowds.  I will describe the photos as we go.

(First of all, I am rebelling against shaving this summer.)  Gavin and Camden (grandsons) are taking  a breather with me in the shade.. I am wearing a new fishing shirt that my daughter gave to me as a gift on Father’s Day.


Really a special place to hike!  Many of the small craters in the rock are from centuries of the Maidu Indians grinding acorns to make  a pasty meal.  It had just rained the day before.


Gavin and Camden on one of the many interesting rocks.


The elevation of Bald Rock is about 3,500 feet and looks down on the world’s shortest mountain range, the Sutter Buttes.  The Maidu called the Sutter Buttes, Middle Mountain. They believed when you died your spirit spent 3 days in Middle Mountain before moving on.  The range in the very far distance is the Pacific Coast Range. The Pacific Ocean is about 50 miles west of that range.


Gracie cools off in some fresh rain water…not so fresh when she got out!


Gracie’s brother, Lincoln, joins in the fun.


It was a wonderful day!

Take care,