Ever since I was a kid, I loved taking a swim in the backyard pool on a very warm summer night.  The stars up above (where else would they be?), the water not too cold, not too hot...Goldilocks perfect.  The night is quiet, peacefulness all around me.  Just float around barely making the water ripple, [...]

"Hey, Dreamer...Dreamer...Hey, Dreamer?" "Oh Storyteller, Why did you wake me?  I was in the middle of a wonderful dream." "I didn't wake you. You are still dreaming. Tell me something, in your dream, how old are you?" "Oh, uh, ...I was...uh...younger than I am now." "A child?" "Yes, I think I was... because I was dreaming of my [...]

Heading back home, Mount Shast is our traveling partner for 100 miles or so. I realized that most of my mountain photos were always with the hope of having a clear view of the peak of the mountain. Why is that? Maybe because mountains create a sense of awe for me that comes darn close [...]

Last full day in Bend, Oregon. We hiked around a beautiful place called Smith Rock State Park. Great place, lots of daring mountain climbers and scenic views. I think that dead tree is my favorite.  Heading home tomorrow.  Take care,  Gary