Off We Go….

Pulling away from the house, the big buck   drops by to try to eat my tomato plants as a show of alpha male dominance….

Now loading some grandkids for the 6 hour drive … any bets when they will ask, “are we there yet?” …the little one already reminded me to drive slowly!

Left at 10::15 am …on our way…

Stopped at 10:19 am for McDonald’s…we are in a line….

Lake Shasta, huge dam that provides much of the water for farmers in Califirnia…. I will show you soon where that water comes from.

The Castle Crags in the Northern California, nice view from the car!

And now one of the most beautiful mountains in the U.S..A very special place for many people for many different reasons….

Lunch at a little pizza joint in Weed, California…daughter clowning with pizza guy.

Lots of good music on the mountain during the summer!!!

Well, not setting a world’s record for time but everybody is safe. Drove through very arid part of Northern California where the sandy soil is perfect for farming potatoes and wheat. Now going to drive by beautiful Klamath Lake in Oregon.

Yeah, we made ! Post more tomorrow.

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