Day 3

Today we spent in civilization which in our family means … Shopping!

My grandchildren don’t share my fear of heights!

Stopped in at a cool record shop in Bend, Oregon and picked up some favorite vinyl…

This beautiful river meanders through the city of Bend, Oregon. 

75,000 people coming into Bend this weekend for huge festival of music, food, art and bike race. Tomorrow we are heading for a hike outside of town.

Last night I spent some time on the internet reading the fascinating life story of Art Garfunkel. His solo album, Breakaway is in my personal top 10 albums. Released in 1975, I can listen to this album over and over again.  His relationship with Paul Simon is very interesting. His poetry, his struggles with losing his voice, his artistry …fascinating! Teaching math while at the height of his commercial success is just one of many unique experiences in his life.

Check out Wikipedia as background and then watch this recent interview.

Art Garfunkel Wikipedia
Great interview for performers