Random Thoughts On A Random Night

Ever since I was a kid, I loved taking a swim in the backyard pool on a very warm summer night.  The stars up above (where else would they be?), the water not too cold, not too hot…Goldilocks perfect.  The night is quiet, peacefulness all around me.  Just float around barely making the water ripple, feeling like everything is one and the same. I just did that.

I was at Costco the other day. It was a hot summer day and their parking lot is always the hottest place in town. The heat just radiates off of it.  People always seem irritated in that big ole warehouse store where everything is sold in bulk. Get 72 rolls of toilet paper. Or maybe, 40 pounds of rice and a pack of sliced American cheese with 500 slices.  It is impossible to spend less than $100.  Their isles leave little room for maneuvering  the jumbo grocery carts and people are always getting irritated with others’ shopping behaviors. As I was checking out, the clerk said something to me, but my hearing is not very good and it took me awhile to realize that he asked me a question. I apologized, telling him I didn’t mean to appear to be rude. He said, “All that’s nothing around here.” I said, “Yeah, I bet you have some stories to tell about people’s rude behavior.” He replied, “Yeah, but they are just stories.”  – I thought, “Wow, what a wonderful way to look at unpleasant events. They are ‘just stories’ and indeed they are. When I was younger some of the stories really hurt, there was a rawness, an open wound.  Now that I am much older, they are just stories of my life.  They still may make me tear up some, but they don’t seem to have the power they used to.  One of those stories is about my mother. I have not seen her in over 18 years…Tomorrow I will be flying into the town she lives in, but will not visit her. I have never met her 3 other children, all younger than me.  Yet, I think soon I need to revisit this story and write another chapter for both us.I know we love each other; it is just that sometimes life plays some cruel tricks on ya…See what a peaceful swim on a warm summer night will do to you, gitcha thinking some.

Tomorrow, heading to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in Montana and Wyoming.  I will post some photos of this wonderful and beautiful part of America.

Whoever may read this, I wish you the peace of a summer evening swim.