Today we spent in civilization which in our family means ... Shopping! My grandchildren don't share my fear of heights! Stopped in at a cool record shop in Bend, Oregon and picked up some favorite vinyl... This beautiful river meanders through the city of Bend, Oregon.  75,000 people coming into Bend this weekend for huge [...]

Took a drive on the Cascade Highway, a beautiful road by creeks, lakes, and mountains.... Took my first official selfie...kind of ashamed of myself for doing so! Now sitting in a large grocery store called Fred Meyers....very popular store in the  Pacific  Northwest of U.S.  I am sitting in a large chair that is part [...]

Pulling away from the house, the big buck   drops by to try to eat my tomato plants as a show of alpha male dominance.... Now loading some grandkids for the 6 hour drive ... any bets when they will ask, "are we there yet?" ...the little one already reminded me to drive slowly! Left [...]