Well, after the highly successful Pecan Upside Down Baby Cake experiment in the kitchen, I knew I would have to follow it up with something else. I chose a Spanish Rice. Fortunately the head cook came into the kitchen and asked, "You didn't put in the whole garlic did you?" "Why yes I did, the [...]

So I got the idea to try to bake a special dessert. Please know that I do not spend much time in the kitchen - over the past 40 years, perhaps less than 40 hours...much less. But this is a special weekend for a special person and I really felt as if I have not [...]

My father taught me many lessons. He continues to do so, even at 86 years old, as he continues to courageously face the daily challenges of Parkinson's Disease.  As I reflect on those lessons - and trust me, you start doing a lot of reflecting in your 60's - I realize that many of those lessons were [...]

I have a confession-I am a daydreamer...an obsessive one at that. I've thought about this for awhile...because my imagination wouldn't let me ignore it. I think you can put daydreaming on some kind of a spectrum where on the left side you have daydreamers who spend daydreaming time in more of a contemplation of something-like [...]

I got up, let the chickens out and started looking around the yard at these pockets of beautiful-ness. I thought, no fame and no fortune could ever match the simplicity and joy of a morning garden.  I don't blame Adam and Eve, I love apples too-but sometimes I get a tiny glimpse into God's Garden [...]

For last full day on our trip, decided to relax and see the town.  Check the link below to see what the young and healthy and courageous do at Olympic Village, Park City, Utah. Ski Jumping Had to drive by the Sundance Institute because I love what they support. Talked to a nice employee there [...]

Today we travelled several hours south and arrived at our next temporary home...Park City, Utah, a world class ski resort that is pretty busy in the summer too. Here is where we are staying. Decided to stretch the legs a little and take walk up the mountain. This is where the Sundance Film Festival is [...]