So I got the idea to try to bake a special dessert. Please know that I do not spend much time in the kitchen – over the past 40 years, perhaps less than 40 hours…much less. But this is a special weekend for a special person and I really felt as if I have not lived up to my contribution to the birthday celebration.  I went to Barnes and Nobles, bought a Better Homes and Gardens 16th edition cookbook.  I looked at some recipes, bought the book, took out a page from the book and went shopping for the ingredients at the grocery store.  I assumed we had nothing at home, so I bought every ingredient listed.

I went home, and to the shock of the lovely people in the house, I began putting it all together.  It was called a Pecan Upside Down Baby Cake.  I read the instructions carefully and I still screwed up a little, if adding more sugar can be considered a mistake. They came out of the oven looking pretty good. (I don’t like pecans.) Soon they were being eaten by three women.

Now here is what I found strange, I have blogged probably over 50 times since I started blogging. I have written, recorded and posted 0ver 20 original songs on Soundcloud.  The three eaters have all read and heard every one of those creative endeavors. Yet, their positive response to the Pecan Upside Down Baby Cakes was 100 times more enthusiastic than for anything else I have ever made and the look on their faces as they ate, I have never seen before.  They were in heaven or a food trance or a ….?

So tonight I learned that if you want to make people really happy, don’t sing, don’t write…bake a really good Pecan Upside Down Baby Cake..with some extra sugar. You will be very popular and be deeply admired. Now I understand why people become chefs instead of musicians.

Bon appetit!