It Wasn’t Beginner’s Luck!

Well, after the highly successful Pecan Upside Down Baby Cake experiment in the kitchen, I knew I would have to follow it up with something else. I chose a Spanish Rice. Fortunately the head cook came into the kitchen and asked, “You didn’t put in the whole garlic did you?” “Why yes I did, the recipe called for it.” “No,” the head cook said, “it called for one clove. That is just a small part of the whole garlic.” “Well, I’ll be. I thought a clove was the whole thing.”  So I had to retrieve 80% of the garlic I had mixed with the sweet peppers and the onions.

I boiled the rice and then let it steam for 20 minutes. I had never boiled rice before, I write shamefully. I added some crispy bacon, pepper, fresh tomatoes from our garden and a pinch of oregano.  Then I melted some white cheddar cheese on top of it all and added some olives. The recipe called for green olives, but I don’t like green olives…I LOVE black olives.

It all tasted mighty good, if I say so myself.