Lassen Peak Trip

Just got back from a little trip to one of my favorite places …Lassen National Park. It is only an hour and half drive from our house. I took some wonderful college students on a retreat to get away from the  stress of college.  We took a night walk down to a beautiful lake under a full moon.  The Iphone doesn’t take moon photos very well, but imagine a full moon over this mountain.

Lassen is a very active volcano area, one of the few areas with 4 different volcano types in the same area. It last erupted in 1915.

This is Hat Creek, a world famous creek for fly fishing that begins from the runoff of Lassen Peak. The fall colors have just started turning.

I am blessed to have a professional career being  around college students with big dreams.

How fortunate am I to be surrounded by such beauty in place and spirit?