Dreamer and Storyteller: Prayerful Songs

My imagination is often sparked by the extreme sadness of world events.  So much is now available to witness and it is so easy to dismiss it all…almost necessary at times to do.

Still, the pain that innocent people suffer over man’s greed and need for power is too much to actually comprehend. This is not a statement against any so-called world power, leader, or religion.  It is just the truth.

I read recently of a Syrian rescuer crying as he held a baby in his arms that he had just saved. Another time I read where another Syrian rescuer died when his house was bombed…after he too had rescued an infant.

I call these people – saviors, and there is nothing more sacred in this world than the tears of the saviors. Storyteller and Dreamer have a brief conversation about some things and then in just a few minutes – they create a little song.  Nothing fancy, just sitting at my desk and letting the imagination kick loose.

Could we please stop killing each other???

The bombs they fell through the night, The saviors came at the morning light

Looking for life among the dead, Eyes are open,  not a word is said

The savior’s eyes are full of tears, They’ve seen the worse through all the years

They come to save an innocent life, another dead husband and his pregnant wife

The bring their picks, they bring their shovels, The dig all day through the sin and the rubble

But one savior hears a baby’s cry, An innocent miracle clinging to life

The saviors eyes are full of tears, As he cradles the baby , death is no longer near

He came to save an innocent life, His God is Great in a baby’s cry

The bombs they fell through the night, …. They fell on the savior’s home at night.