I have always wanted to write an original Christmas song.  This year I wrote two of them.  I have no sermon to deliver with them, no insights, no funny observations.  Writing Christmas music humbles you. Regardless of your religious tradition or lack thereof, I wish you peace, love and the courage to sing and dance [...]

Ok, so in all the years I have worked at Chico State and attended Chico State, I never went up to the 2nd floor of Ayer's Hall...didn't even know it had a 2nd floor.  Come on a little journey with me. Looking out a very dirty window on the 2nd floor at the top of [...]

Brielle DePatra (check her Soundcloud and Blog out) got into the Christmas mood early this year and she started posting her beautiful Christmas songs...and her joy for Christmas became contagious even 7,000 miles (11,265 km) apart! That is the thing about joy...it is so powerful that distance does not exist. Some of my fondest memories [...]

I started recording and posting my original music on Soundcloud with the purpose of overcoming an extreme form of self criticism in regards to my songwriting and singing abilities.  I knew way deep inside that I would not have lived my life fully, if I didn't deal with it.  So, I dealt with it. Along [...]