What a Privilege

I started recording and posting my original music on Soundcloud with the purpose of overcoming an extreme form of self criticism in regards to my songwriting and singing abilities.  I knew way deep inside that I would not have lived my life fully, if I didn’t deal with it.  So, I dealt with it. Along the way I have met some really wonderful people…Mark Mayes, Chuck Aaron, Lawrence Farr, and Brielle DePatra among others.

Along this journey, I decided to try my hand at, let’s call it flash songwriting. However, I knew I would have to post it or I would fall back into the dark hole of doubt and criticism. So I did post it.

Then comes along this wonderful gentleman who I follow closely on Soundcloud.  I LOVE HIS GUITAR PLAYING, but he never sings. He ran across my flash songwrite ‘Sometimes’and asked if he could cover it.  He did a wonderful job with it… and he sang it!

Don’t ask me to explain it, but to write a song and have another person care enough to record it and brave enough to sing it…well, that my friends is pretty damn awesome.  Thank you so much Mr. David Hutton.


5 thoughts on “What a Privilege

  1. Mate, I hope all your doubts are erased…you ARE good Gary. What an awesome, flattering and inspiring thing to have happen…he did a great job too…but I still like yours a bit more… :))

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  2. Fantastic! What a lovely thing to listen to on a Sunday morning here – a cover of a Gary McMahon song – really beautifully done, too. Awesome! 🙂 As Lawrence says, such an inspiring thing.


  3. Gary, I can really appreciate your feelings about your music. I feel very much the same way. I’ve been fingerpicking acoustic guitar for over 50 years, and have never been confident about it — especially my singing. When a friend asked me to make a CD of my tunes for him ten years ago, I even made up a “nom de strings” — Slim Jimsøhn — to hide behind (Slim even has a biography, but that’s another story). I’ve come a long way with my confidence since then, but I still feel the same about singing (although I’m working hard on that, too).

    I really admire your willingness to take a chance in every aspect of your music — not to mention your talent! You are doing some really imaginative stuff, and at the same time, staying close to your obvious musical traditions. Keep up the good work!


    1. Scott, thank you so much for comments and sharing your own story. I sure understand the temptation to create another name for artist. I couldn’t have gone with Slim, would have taken Fats – but instead decided to use my middle initial which I guess was an unconscious way of recognizing I had to expand myself if I was going to create and publish my songs…also, my mother gave me a bible in 1970 with the name Gary A.McMahon inscribed on it and it rested in a dusty drawer for many years.Maybe I was trying to connect it all together somehow without knowing it. I have written songs that years later I came to understand what they truly were about. Love your art Scott. Will be following you more closely! (p.s. I might have ran into ole Slim up in Yreka at a tavern across from the courthouse years ago..cold night with the wind blowin’ off Mt. Shasta…and a full moon reflecting off the mountain…the water taste good up there…”Fats”


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