What a Privilege

I started recording and posting my original music on Soundcloud with the purpose of overcoming an extreme form of self criticism in regards to my songwriting and singing abilities.  I knew way deep inside that I would not have lived my life fully, if I didn’t deal with it.  So, I dealt with it. Along the way I have met some really wonderful people…Mark Mayes, Chuck Aaron, Lawrence Farr, and Brielle DePatra among others.

Along this journey, I decided to try my hand at, let’s call it flash songwriting. However, I knew I would have to post it or I would fall back into the dark hole of doubt and criticism. So I did post it.

Then comes along this wonderful gentleman who I follow closely on Soundcloud.  I LOVE HIS GUITAR PLAYING, but he never sings. He ran across my flash songwrite ‘Sometimes’and asked if he could cover it.  He did a wonderful job with it… and he sang it!

Don’t ask me to explain it, but to write a song and have another person care enough to record it and brave enough to sing it…well, that my friends is pretty damn awesome.  Thank you so much Mr. David Hutton.