From the heart….

Brielle DePatra (check her Soundcloud and Blog out) got into the Christmas mood early this year and she started posting her beautiful Christmas songs…and her joy for Christmas became contagious even 7,000 miles (11,265 km) apart! That is the thing about joy…it is so powerful that distance does not exist.

Some of my fondest memories are about driving back home from my parents house after American Thanksgiving, with our kids in the back of the car, and beginning the Christmas season with a family sing-a-long of Christmas songs which would always end with singing in a round the song “Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…” we’d always get messed up and then spontaneous laughter would break out and we’d begin again until we got it right. I turn 63 tomorrow and there no gift that could come close to the gift of this memory of love, laughter, joy and hope.

On this songwriting journey I am on, I have always had a strong desire to write a Christmas song and so I did. Writing a Christmas song is a bit difficult. It is sort of like performing Shakespeare. It has been done brilliantly by so many before you. So as you listen, know that this song comes from a place in my heart that is filled with so many wonderful memories and even more to come. Merry Christmas and May God Bless You in all ways.

2 thoughts on “From the heart….

  1. A lovely song, Gary – i wasn’t going to get into Christmas this year – but between you and Brielle – i’m beginning to change my mind!! 🙂


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