Psst..Hey You

Shhh…quiet…gotta whisper…don’t wanna disturb reality…maybe hang out here,just below the surface of reality, a place judgement doesn’t know exists…judgement is a tough sonuvabitch…wanna hear a secret? Kind of scared of the dark…all forms of darkness…particularly the ones that stay hidden way deep…How about you? You scared of anything? Me, I hate saying goodbye to people I might not see again for a long time. I’d rather say, “See ya next Monday.” Someone told me that was weird because  it wasn’t true …so I asked them, “Did you ever believe in Santa Claus?” and they said “Yes.”and I said and did you get a present? and they said “Yes.” and I said so what you believed made sense to you…so I believe I will see you next Monday…”  if I was to have a headstone on my grave, I would want it to say, “see ya next Monday.” and the person who said it was a weird to say that laughed out loud and said “Ok, I get it.”…then suddenly the darkness was gone between us…laughter does that, it is like a breeze that brings in clean, fresh air and fills our souls with hope and a different kind of satisfaction…You ever make tents out of blankets inside your house when you were a child? My grandma would let us cousins use all the chairs and we’d drape blankets over them and we’d make elaborate tunnels with different rooms and areas..and it was a world of fantasy that cost nothing to make and provided hours of enjoyment…i think we should keep making those tents, those playgrounds, those sacred areas where our minds can run free..what do you think? What does sacred mean anyway? To me, I guess it means “touched by God.” When I was little, I believed in God like I believed in Santa Claus…when I was young and strong, I thought I was God, as demonstrated by how much I thought I knew about right and wrong,…now I am old…er…and I come to desire God and the sacred touch in a different way…I am pretty certain that he/she/it (don’t say those 3 words together quickly out loud ’cause it sounds like you’re describing your boss when he got mad at you!) has a great sense of humor. I bet He/She/It…oh, oh judgement has discovered my hiding place…gotta go…

(if you’re an artistic type, all that might make some sense to ya…if not, it will appear the thoughts of a madman. Can’t say for sure who would be right. See ya next Monday!) 

2 thoughts on “Psst..Hey You

  1. Gary – your posts just are necessary – I missed this one – and needed it tonight – thank you! and bless you and your family xx


    1. Bless you Mark.I am very excited for your book release. You are a constant explorer of those sacred areas, I think that most of us miss seeing…even the dirty ones (which are the most fun ones anyway!) Merry Christmas pardner! Really looking forward to your book release!


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