Just down the road from where I live is a special place called Table Mountain.  I took off work a couple hours early this afternoon so we could visit with the wild flowers.   This big old oak tree provides a lot of shade... Families go there to fly kites because Table Mountain rises quickly [...]

This is the small town I grew up in .... Grass Valley, California.... This is the public library I used to go to in Grass Valley when I was a young boy.... This is the graveyard we boys used to run around in on Halloween night and scare the you know what out of ourselves.... [...]

i believe in the great mystery. some call it God, some call it god. some call it father,others call it mother. some say it is spirit,some others say it is energy. It probably isn't an It at all. it's a mystery. i believe women are the stronger sex. i believe that if a leader wants [...]

Where I work, we have developed a kind of strange little habit- we like to keep our people on clean and clear paths. We usually do this by covering up the grass or dirt with concrete. These clean and clear paths seem to be multiplying like rabbits. However, people being people, they really like to [...]