Too old for this stuff, but oh so beautiful!

I took some students up to Lassen National Park for a ranger-led snowshoe trip. I kept thinking that maybe I would hang out in the lodge, by a fire and read The Gift Maker, by Mark Mayes. Instead I decided to give it a try, bad knee and all. Will read tonight!

Beautiful little waterfall on Deer Creek.

Parking lot has a lot of snow.

Time to try snowshoeing!

Best part was listening to all the subtle sounds of the area. Worse part, walking uphill at an elevation of 7,000 feet. Thought death was near!

On the way back stopped along Deer Creek again.

I am such a lucky man…who is still out of breath!

Just down the road…

Just down the road from where I live is a special place called Table Mountain.  I took off work a couple hours early this afternoon so we could visit with the wild flowers.  

This big old oak tree provides a lot of shade…

Families go there to fly kites because Table Mountain rises quickly from the valley floor and you get wind currents…

The lava cap rocks mix in with beautiful wild flowers….

Fields and fields of beautiful flowers….

In 1848, a town sprung up here, Oregon City, during the Gold Rush. This school is all that remains of that town.

And then the clouds started moving in and I said, “Let’s go eat!”

Clouds and wild flowers, what a blessing!

This is the…

This is the small town I grew up in …. Grass Valley, California….

This is the public library I used to go to in Grass Valley when I was a young boy….

This is the graveyard we boys used to run around in on Halloween night and scare the you know what out of ourselves….

This is the favorite house I lived in…

This is where we would go to party on Friday nights when we were young…

This is where I played baseball as a child….

This is where I got married…


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I believe…

i believe in the great mystery. some call it God, some call it god. some call it father,others call it mother. some say it is spirit,some others say it is energy. It probably isn’t an It at all. it’s a mystery.

i believe women are the stronger sex.

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i believe that if a leader wants to be successful, start off with something really big, like parting the Red Sea (Moses) and then you can wander aimlessly for 40 years in the desert without people questioning your navigational skills – “Hey, isn’t this the twentieth time we’ve passed that mountain?” “Don’t think so, remember he parted the Red Sea!”

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i believe Converse’s Chuck Taylor is the greatest shoe ever made, followed closely behind by the Adidas of late 60’s and early 70’s.

azorlsbiml9pbvqxwj4ei believe Levis should be worn with a rolled up cuff and worn with a heavy duty, white cotton t-shirt…clean look, man…clean look.


i believe that most people never look in a mirror and just stare deeply into their own eyes. i believe if you did, for, oh let’s say for 10 minutes, all sorts of things would come to your mind.

i believe that some people have lived previous lives.

i believe swimming naked at midnight under a full moon on a warm summer night is like being born again and falling into the big, loving arms of life.

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Dirty Little Pathways

Where I work, we have developed a kind of strange little habit- we like to keep our people on clean and clear paths. We usually do this by covering up the grass or dirt with concrete. These clean and clear paths seem to be multiplying like rabbits.

However, people being people, they really like to walk the shortest route between point A and point B, so dirty little pathways are always popping up in a new location and what do we do about that? Glad you asked, we start building a new clean and clear path.

Today I joked with the fellow getting ready to pour some concrete to transform a dirty little path into a clean and clear path, “You know they are just going to keep walking straight onto the lawn and you will need to build a new path.” He said, “That’s what I told them.”

At the current rate, our campus should be one big clean and clear path by 2030. Why is that?

It seems we simply don’t like messy, dirty paths and of course, when the path is muddy, people will expand the path by walking next to the mud. I think this is called a conundrum.

Yet, there is something very wrong with clean and clear paths, both in landscaping and in life. It is a sterile solution. In landscaping it is an attempt to conquer nature, such as the way we present our public gardens and parks. Nature wants to revert to, well, nature and we fight against it. In life, oh how I hate surprises and things I can’t control. Still those dirty, messy paths are where Life is real, rewarding, and mysterious. The sidewalks of life are for the weak of heart and spirit and for those who are controlled by an overwhelming sense for control and a need to project themselves as clean and clear individuals. I am not clean and clear, nor are my friends and family and I love them dearly for being so, even when we are on our  little confusing, surprising, non-linear, paths.