I believe…

i believe in the great mystery. some call it God, some call it god. some call it father,others call it mother. some say it is spirit,some others say it is energy. It probably isn’t an It at all. it’s a mystery.

i believe women are the stronger sex.

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i believe that if a leader wants to be successful, start off with something really big, like parting the Red Sea (Moses) and then you can wander aimlessly for 40 years in the desert without people questioning your navigational skills – “Hey, isn’t this the twentieth time we’ve passed that mountain?” “Don’t think so, remember he parted the Red Sea!”

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i believe Converse’s Chuck Taylor is the greatest shoe ever made, followed closely behind by the Adidas of late 60’s and early 70’s.

azorlsbiml9pbvqxwj4ei believe Levis should be worn with a rolled up cuff and worn with a heavy duty, white cotton t-shirt…clean look, man…clean look.


i believe that most people never look in a mirror and just stare deeply into their own eyes. i believe if you did, for, oh let’s say for 10 minutes, all sorts of things would come to your mind.

i believe that some people have lived previous lives.

i believe swimming naked at midnight under a full moon on a warm summer night is like being born again and falling into the big, loving arms of life.

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