Playing around on my Iphone and Garageband trying to hear what the different digital instruments sound like. I don't understand musical theory so I get stuck sometimes, like when I wrote this song in A minor, but played a D major on the guitar in the chord progression. Which didn't matter until I tried to [...]

I don't think it is really called the heart - this thing that I am writing about. Spirit doesn't seem like the right word either, or should I say the "write word."  Soul? Nah. It is like an unseen place where our deepest needs exist.  Some would say, it must be in the brain; All [...]

I don't do lines.  I don't mean that statement in the context of the decadent 80's either. I mean if I am heading to a favorite eating establishment and there is a line of people waiting to get in or be served, I will immediately decide to go somewhere else.  This also holds true for [...]

I walked out to lock up the chickens for the night and not being aware of the moon's cycle, I looked up and saw this beautiful, yellow moon just over the top of the tall pine trees. I felt compelled to sit in a chair that I usually sit in to watch the chickens wander [...]

Been slowly recording songs for my 2nd album. Even though I've written over 30 songs,I still very much question what the hell I am doing. It is a curse and I know I will have to fight that dragon for a long time. So what I occasionally make myself do is to sit down and [...]