I don’t think it is really called the heart – this thing that I am writing about. Spirit doesn’t seem like the right word either, or should I say the “write word.”  Soul? Nah. It is like an unseen place where our deepest needs exist.  Some would say, it must be in the brain; All things come from the brain.  It certainly isn’t knowledge-based or an intellectual connected place.  It is where tears come from. Let me call it that- Where tears come from. From my observations, it is a place much in need of our attention.

I work in an intellectual factory that has stripped away the importance of Where tears come from. If it can’t be quantified and verified, it is not of much value. In this factory, we state facts, the students write down the facts, and then later on their memories are tested for the retention of the facts. It they are successful, they are labeled as smart. If they are not successful, well then all sorts of excuses are provided for their failure from their exposure to poor parenting and a lack of access to good schools to possibilities that the college student is just plain lazy.  We ignore the possibility that we might need to pay attention to Where tears come from.

Not just in my factory is this a problem, I see it everywhere. In professional offices colleagues create social scapegoats with no regard to Where tears come from. We treat each other as if we were some type of machine that only has mechanical functions and issues.  I see the problem on social media where we represent ourselves in such an unrealistic manner.  The intense pain from Where tears come from is covered up with posts and tweets and photos that lead the viewer in the opposite direction of our own Where tears come from. Like escaped convicts, we try to throw the hound dogs off of our scent.

Alcohol, drugs, sex, food, exercise, religion, sports, making money, video gaming often act as tour guides on the path that diverts us from Where tears come from. Ever see someone read one romance novel after another, head buried in the book, dreaming of a real life romantic life-but missing everything around them that would lead them in the direction of their desires? Been on an elevator lately? This was always the most awkward social situation anyway and now our solution is to ignore others with our sole attention focused on our cell phones. Cell phones are the most powerful tour guides today.

These tour guides that lead us away from Where tears come from can sometimes be quite sneaky. The television is one of the most obvious, but there are others. This morning I stood next to a gasoline pump, for what must have been at least the million’th time in my life, putting fuel into my car.  On the other side of the pump, another person did the exact same thing. We ignored one another like two guys pissing on the same fence post. We used the pump as a barrier to Where tears come from.  Here in the States, we often politely ask someone “How are you?” with absolute no expectations of receiving a truthful answer. In fact, if someone did reply honestly like, “Oh I am an alcoholic who has been hiding my pain behind a bottle of booze for so long, I just want to die,” we’d go scrambling looking for the 2nd page of our script. “Fuck, nobody has ever gone beyond “Good, thank you.”

We all have that place Where tears come from. Why don’t we just admit it?  Why don’t we help one another? Maybe because the key to Where tears come from is called vulnerability. So our fear keeps us fearful. To be vulnerable means to open yourself up to ridicule, more pain, rejection and public humiliation. Yuk. To not be vulnerable, well, that leads to a life completely apart from Where tears come from.  But here is the kicker, Where the tears come from is like the trump card of Life. It is more powerful than the Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and even the Wild Cards in our life’s deck of cards. Where the tears come from will eventually be heard. It will demand priority in our life and it will probably do so at the worse time possible. Me think it is far better to recognize Where tears come from now than later. Also, me think that not only do sad tears originate there, but so do tears of joy and gratitude.

I think I need to pay more attention to Where tears come from. Maybe it is time for Dreamer and Storyteller to help me understand more.