A very talented Soundcloud friend read my last blog about America's County Fairs ... with the video attached to it. She commented and used the term "abandoned amusement park." It hit me, suddenly, how ¬†easy it is to abandon our own life's amusement parks. This is really one of the greatest challenges, I have [...]

I remember when I was 19 years old and I was looking at a flower bed of petunias... in all the typical solid colors.  I found myself staring intently at the colors while recognizing for the first time how deeply beautiful the pure colors actually were. I clearly remember thinking that nothing unnatural could come [...]

I love spaces, places where you can go that create a different mindset. In our home and yard, we have many different little spaces that I enjoy so much. Outside my bedroom window is this little space where I can sit beneath a large English Walnut tree. Here is an iris that has just blossomed. [...]