Gone hours without a diet soda....ate eggs for breakfast...and non-sweetened iced tea...who drinks ice tea??? Yesterday I  was so confident, today mental weakness setting in...everyone around me is an asshole...oh  wait, it is almost time for lunch, Paleo Diet means I have to eat some chicken and green stuff..don't like green stuff not crazy about [...]

I returned this morning to one of my favorite places in Sedona, Arizona before we return home tomorrow - The Chapel of the Holy Cross. The chapel was thoughtfully and spiritually built right into the red rocks of the Mystic Hills and it is surrounded by incredible beauty.  Everyone seems to reverently lower their voice [...]

The red rock said, "Sit down and rest on me."  I answered, "I must keep moving." The red rock said, "Sit down and rest on me and quiet your mind." I answered, "My mind must stay alert." The red rock said, "Sit down and rest on me and quiet your mind and feel the warm [...]

As a young person, I went to church quite a bit. As I got older I had two problems with attending church 1) I struggled with believing that which cannot be unbelieved 2) and this is closely related to #1, I didn't feel like I belonged. I can easily remember one very early Sunday morning [...]

Never taking this songwriting thing I do very seriously, but really enjoy the process.  I love how the younger people write songs with such a powerful rhythm driving the song along the way.  So this time I just started with a drum track without any particular lyric direction in mind and just built the song [...]