Diet Log: Day 1, Hour 11

Gone hours without a diet soda….ate eggs for breakfast…and non-sweetened iced tea…who drinks ice tea??? Yesterday I  was so confident, today mental weakness setting in…everyone around me is an asshole…oh  wait, it is almost time for lunch, Paleo Diet means I have to eat some chicken and green stuff..don’t like green stuff not crazy about chicken either. Did I mention I have gone hours without a diet soda??? 30 days will be a long time….a very long time.

The Cleansing of the Temple

I returned this morning to one of my favorite places in Sedona, Arizona before we return home tomorrow – The Chapel of the Holy Cross.

The chapel was thoughtfully and spiritually built right into the red rocks of the Mystic Hills and it is surrounded by incredible beauty.  Everyone seems to reverently lower their voice as they get to the chapel’s entrance. I can easily just sit by the chapel and take it all in.

Along the short walk up a steep hill, you notice things such as water coming out of the side of the rock where it supports life.

On the way back down the hill, I noticed where people toss coins and try to get them to stay on a ledge of the rocks. You see the coins in several area and it doesn’t really seem to fit the spiritual landscape or at least in my mind it doesn’t.

For some reason and it certainly is not because I am a biblical scholar, I remembered the story of Jesus at the temple during Passover where he got angry at the commercialism and money changers at the Temple. I suddenly thought of my own consumption and consumer behavior. How odd is it that at this most inspiring space we take coins and toss them as we leave?

I don’t have a sermon here. I just need to think about if my own consumerism is interfering with living life with some spiritual awareness. Am I throwing coins at the base of the chapel of life? 

P.S.  I love this little sign next to a small garden just before you get to the doors of the chapel.

Sitting on a Rock

The red rock said, “Sit down and rest on me.”  I answered, “I must keep moving.”

The red rock said, “Sit down and rest on me and quiet your mind.” I answered, “My mind must stay alert.”

The red rock said, “Sit down and rest on me and quiet your mind and feel the warm wind on your face.” I answered, “I have no time for such a thing.”

“”Well,” said the red rock, ” if you think you have time to move your eyes westward, try it.” It took no effort, so I did.


I felt the desert wind, quieted my mind, and I rested on the red rock.

I Went To Church Today

As a young person, I went to church quite a bit. As I got older I had two problems with attending church 1) I struggled with believing that which cannot be unbelieved 2) and this is closely related to #1, I didn’t feel like I belonged.

I can easily remember one very early Sunday morning when I went fly fishing with a buddy instead of attending church and I watched the sun rise  over a remote canyon. I was filled with awe as I just sat down and watched it all unfold all around me. I felt apart of it. I never felt that close to God in a church. I never was more of a believer than in that moment.

It has been the same for me all these years since that awakening moment by that sunrise. Today for a moment I was looking at the beauty all around me and I started choking up and my eyes started to water…ok, it made me cry.

We are in Sedona, Arizona for a short vacation. This place is full of New Age gurus and New Age marketing experts because it has the reputation of being one of the most powerful vortexes, energy fields, on earth. I am not saying it is and I am not saying it isn’t…but my goodness, what a Wonder- Full place this is!

Here are some photos of the church I attended today and to all my brothers and sisters who attend their church regularly, I admire you for your faithfulness.

I believe.

I Don’t Want To Go To Mars

Never taking this songwriting thing I do very seriously, but really enjoy the process.  I love how the younger people write songs with such a powerful rhythm driving the song along the way.  So this time I just started with a drum track without any particular lyric direction in mind and just built the song up from the rhythm. I spent zero time mixing it on my little Iphone, so the sound is very uneven-but who cares i say!

Honor the creator by being creative in whatever manner you choose.