I Went To Church Today

As a young person, I went to church quite a bit. As I got older I had two problems with attending church 1) I struggled with believing that which cannot be unbelieved 2) and this is closely related to #1, I didn’t feel like I belonged.

I can easily remember one very early Sunday morning when I went fly fishing with a buddy instead of attending church and I watched the sun rise  over a remote canyon. I was filled with awe as I just sat down and watched it all unfold all around me. I felt apart of it. I never felt that close to God in a church. I never was more of a believer than in that moment.

It has been the same for me all these years since that awakening moment by that sunrise. Today for a moment I was looking at the beauty all around me and I started choking up and my eyes started to water…ok, it made me cry.

We are in Sedona, Arizona for a short vacation. This place is full of New Age gurus and New Age marketing experts because it has the reputation of being one of the most powerful vortexes, energy fields, on earth. I am not saying it is and I am not saying it isn’t…but my goodness, what a Wonder- Full place this is!

Here are some photos of the church I attended today and to all my brothers and sisters who attend their church regularly, I admire you for your faithfulness.

I believe.