The Cleansing of the Temple

I returned this morning to one of my favorite places in Sedona, Arizona before we return home tomorrow – The Chapel of the Holy Cross.

The chapel was thoughtfully and spiritually built right into the red rocks of the Mystic Hills and it is surrounded by incredible beauty.  Everyone seems to reverently lower their voice as they get to the chapel’s entrance. I can easily just sit by the chapel and take it all in.

Along the short walk up a steep hill, you notice things such as water coming out of the side of the rock where it supports life.

On the way back down the hill, I noticed where people toss coins and try to get them to stay on a ledge of the rocks. You see the coins in several area and it doesn’t really seem to fit the spiritual landscape or at least in my mind it doesn’t.

For some reason and it certainly is not because I am a biblical scholar, I remembered the story of Jesus at the temple during Passover where he got angry at the commercialism and money changers at the Temple. I suddenly thought of my own consumption and consumer behavior. How odd is it that at this most inspiring space we take coins and toss them as we leave?

I don’t have a sermon here. I just need to think about if my own consumerism is interfering with living life with some spiritual awareness. Am I throwing coins at the base of the chapel of life? 

P.S.  I love this little sign next to a small garden just before you get to the doors of the chapel.