Here are some photos and short videos of our walk in Santa Monica , California this morning - visiting family, going for walks, and resting up a bit. This morning we walked down to the Santa Monica Pier, the end or the beginning-depends on your perspective I guess- of the famous Route 66. (Last month [...]

My fellow dieters and I decided not to get on the scales until our 30th day, so I don't know if or how much weight I have lost. From the feeling of the pants around my waist, I would say - not much.  I would be very happy with just losing 6 pounds in the [...]

This dieting thing has got me thinking about a lot of different things...which usually trickles back to my own behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes. At the same time that  I am dieting, I am plowing through a book by Richard Rohr, a Catholic priest, titled, "Falling Upward."  This is my 3rd attempt at reading it.  In [...]