Diet Day 11…

Agh…Ok, maybe I should have thought this thing through a little bit better…I used to drink a lot of diet sodas during the day…it was my coffee…I haven’t had one for 11 days, instead I get 1 small real Coke a day (60 calories)…diet sodas are like mothers’ milk to me and I miss them..Also gave up all wheat-based foods such as bread and bread and bread. I miss my bread..trying to see if wheat is causing inflammation, so I need to stay with it for 19 more days….I miss sugar too, the kind that comes in CANDY!!!…evenings are the worse, I start wandering the house remembering how good strawberry ice cream tastes or some toast dripping with butter and covered with jam…in place of processed carbs I am eating more protein and although my chickens lay great eggs, the thought of eating another egg makes me queasy…unless it is used for the batter on French toast…as you can see I am having a meltdown….no diet sodas, no wheat, few carbs…Tomorrow Day 12… this is the longest I have stayed with something healthy for a long time…..I SO much admire all the people who quit smoking….People who used drugs and are now drug-free, you are my heroes. I think I need food rehab… in my Day 5 blog I wrote about being sad…now I am angry…angry like a toddler who wants to get their way…food-wise I am about 2 years old…Agh

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