Diet Day 20

My fellow dieters and I decided not to get on the scales until our 30th day, so I don’t know if or how much weight I have lost. From the feeling of the pants around my waist, I would say – not much.  I would be very happy with just losing 6 pounds in the month.  That would seem like a sustainable weight loss to me.

However, besides possibly losing weight, there have been some other benefits including dealing with my very poor relationship with diet sodas.  I drank several…or more… a day.  I haven’t had one in the 20 days of dieting. I drink one 8 oz Coke made with stevia a day. My goal is to try to cut that down to every other day. There is 17 carbs in it and I am counting carbs pretty carefully.

The 2nd added benefit has been my blood sugar level – fasting – has ranged between 126 and 152.  This is down from over 300 at times and most of the time between 180 to 220.

The 3rd benefit is about the number of pills I take.  I take more pills at night than any one person should.  The latest pill, we call it the “pee pill” because it makes you urinate the excess sugar out of your system. (I promise, no poo updates!) Two days ago, I stopped taking the “pee pill” to see what might happen with my better eating habits. My fasting crept up to 152 from the 130’s, but I can live with that because the pee pill has some bad side effects.  It depresses me to take so many pills at night, so this is very good emotional news for me. However, I know that I will probably have to become more physically active to help offset the lack of the “pee pills.”

And, that leads to the 4th benefit, I started getting an ever so slight urge to workout again.  A few nights ago, I went downstairs and lifted weights and rode the stationary bike for just a few minutes. No need to overdue it, right? Then, the next night, I found my tennis racquet and went out and hit a few balls with my oldest daughter. The next evening, I went out with my youngest daughter (we only have 2 daughters) and we hit again, but this time played 2 games instead of just rallying (actually trying to rally, the balls were flying all over the place). I know 2 games don’t make a set, but it is a start. The girls were both very good tennis players in their day and I spent years hitting balls to them when they were children. It felt nice to get back on the court.  I followed that up this morning with a longer workout with the weights and stationary bike. Once upon a time, I used to go on 100 mile bike rides. It would be nice just to go on a 10 mile ride someday again.

Now I have had my bad days and bad moments too. Around Day 12 or so, I had a complete anxiety attack. I mean the kind where your entire body seems like it is attacking your mind. My craving for bread was seriously mental.  I couldn’t sleep and writing about it now still makes me feel that anxiety weirdness that is so difficult to explain. It feels like a form of claustrophobia, where you feel trapped in your own mind. Not fun.

I have a new compassion for people who are overweight at an unhealthy level… including myself.  I admire, I mean really admire, people who have quit smoking.  People who are trying to stay clean and sober are the strongest people in the world, in my book.  I have to stay on this path…with my fellow path walkers!

Best to ya,