A Short Vacation: Day One

Here are some photos and short videos of our walk in Santa Monica , California this morning – visiting family, going for walks, and resting up a bit. This morning we walked down to the Santa Monica Pier, the end or the beginning-depends on your perspective I guess- of the famous Route 66. (Last month we were on it in Flagstaff, Arizona while visiting the Grand Canyon.)

Right across the street where we are visiting.

Some old friends playing a game in Palisades Park.

Some plants and trees.

Southern California!

Cool house on the Pacific Highway (looking down from the bluffs).

On the Santa Monica Pier.

A couple of short videos…



And, yep still dieting… had Mongolian BBQ with mostly vegetables..it was yummy, but I was starving.

Finally on the walk back through the Promenade I saw these sandals in a Clark’s store window and it reminded me that I still want to learn to make sandals!

Checked my pedometer at the end and the whole walk was over 6 miles (10 km).