Human ‘Be-ings’

I didn’t know if I would really have much time to be outside during the solar eclipse over North America today.  It was the first day of a new academic year and I had to help a lot of new students.  However, I found some time to go outside and walk around our campus as I convinced myself that I needed to experience what doesn’t happen everyday.

I was surprised by both my own feelings and the feelings of others during the solar eclipse.  About a thousand people had gathered on a grassy area on campus and the vibe was so unique, so celebratory, filled with anticipation and a sense of awe.  Total strangers were sharing their solar eclipse viewing glasses, talking to one another, and the energy was easy to feel.

As I watched the sky turn darker and the shadows on the ground grow fainter, I too felt a sense of awe. I wanted to just sit down and breathe it all into my being. It was one great big dramatic reminder that we are part of something so much grander than what we focus on during our daily routines.

I thought about God. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if when we die, the wonder of God is revealed in the same manner as the solar eclipse and that our souls simply melt into the glory of it all?” We might understand for the first time our true nature.

I did not go outside in that type of mindset. I was hurried, anxious and a bit tired. I was slightly negative, sarcastic, and focused on the time chunks being measured on my wristwatch. Then suddenly, I was momentarily transformed from a ‘human’ being to a human ‘be-ing’. My being was more important than the human it was attached to.

This song was on my first cd (and only cd to this date), but it kind of captures today’s event.