Diet Update: End of Month Two

Ah shit,… well, ok, the good news first. I did not gain any weight since losing the weight in the first 30 days. Hooray!!!! How much did I lose you ask? I did not lose weight since losing the weight in the first 30 days. Boo!!!!

What the hell happened? Well, a few good things. I continued to increase my walking and last Sunday evening I walked for two hours without stopping. Trust me, when you are walking on a 400 meter track, the view gets kind of monotonous – but the dogs and cars don’t bother you much. I also started lifting weights, very light weights. I started with just the 45 lb bar and began with 20 bench presses, no big deal-ok, it was harder than it should have  been. I have kept increasing it to where now I am lifting the 45 pound bar, 160 consecutive times without resting…Ooh, someone is going to get a new man bra for Christmas!

My blood sugar started getting a little unstable again, after getting rid of all but one medication for it, so I added back a half dosage of one of them, to see what it does to me and my blood sugar.  The  body is  one complicated system and I have learned quite a bit over the past 60 days.  I have never stayed with a diet, no, no – it is a “lifestyle” – I have never stayed with a lifestyle for this long and damn it, I am going to keep trying. I am now cutting back on the  carbs AND the  calories.  I do feel example: Usually if something falls on the floor, I weep knowing that that is where it is going to stay because of my lack of flexibility, and the thinner the object, the longer it will stay there. HOWEVER, yesterday I dropped my atm card. Now obviously I can’t leave that on the sidewalk for very long – so I bit my lip, and went for it. Lo and behold, I picked the little f@#ker up with hardly any effort. I can hardly wait for next summer’s swimsuit contest!

See ya later, alligators!