I have changed...and I wasn't even aware of it. I spent most of my young adult life as a dualistic thinker. The one consistent outcome of that type of thinking is... judgement. Without knowing, or perhaps a better word is-acknowledging- it, I was a judge. The person I judged the harshest was myself, but there [...]

Late in the evening (sorry, Paul Simon), eyes are tired, but having a little trouble sleeping- so thoughts just come in, bounce around a bit, and then disappear like that missing sock/s. Come and go for a ride with me. But, I am serious, where do those socks go? Someone suggested once that aliens, the [...]

When I started to write, record, and post my music on Soundcloud, it was to overcome a legacy of caring too much about what people think, especially anything to do with artistic endeavors - but not limited to just that.  I am not bashing the time I spent in a conservative Christian church, but like [...]