Random Thoughts…again

Late in the evening (sorry, Paul Simon), eyes are tired, but having a little trouble sleeping- so thoughts just come in, bounce around a bit, and then disappear like that missing sock/s. Come and go for a ride with me.

But, I am serious, where do those socks go? Someone suggested once that aliens, the outer space kind, were responsible for the mystery. Sounds good to me….

Honestly, an $1,100 cell phone from Apple??? We all are going to Hell.

I think George Harrison is my favorite Beatle, for today. I liked that song on the Help album, “I Need You.”

I have noticed that really rich men with, shall we say, challenging looks, always seem to have wives and girlfriends who are considerably more attractive (think professional golfers) – to the point where I believe a social scientist would consider that a causative and statistically significant relationship does indeed exist. I wonder where the two lines, one representing money and other representing good looks, cross in the potential partner’s analysis of the situation. Y axis = Money, X axis = Attractiveness. The larger the number on the Y axis, the steeper the curve. Hey, could I win a Nobel prize for this type of thinking?

I used to wonder how one egomaniac could get in control of an entire country. I don’t wonder anymore. I have seen it happen in my own country now.

Along the same lines, I think the worse thing a country can do for their young people is to become a “youth worshiping” culture. It is bad for everyone.

I have been stuck on these song lyrics for sometime now and by sometime, I mean…years…

Verse I

I can feel it in my blood, I can see it in your eyes

We’re both in desire of a brand new surprise

Yesterdays gone, Today’s almost done, Tomorrow…



From the cradle to the grave, you’ve been always selling me

Now I don’t know between my wants and my needs

Hey buddy, could you spare some….Anticipation?

I’ve been looking in your windows and I really wanna buy

Got a dollar in  my pocket and it’s burning up my thigh

Hey buddy, don’t ya love…Anticipation?

And boom, I got nuttin’ after that…ain’t that a bitch?

Well, it is 11:03 post meridiem Pacific Daylight Savings time. Time to try to get some shut eye, as we say out west. (We don’t usually say “post meridiem” though.)