Quick Diet Update

Well, after not losing, nor gaining, any weight last month, I was happy to get on the scales on Saturday and discover I had lost about 5 pounds in September.  All together I have lost nine pounds in 3 months.

Also, my A1c test has come down from 11.5 (you’re dying) to 7.5 (hey, get it to under 6 and they consider your blood sugar is under control for that period of time.) Of course, I have learned that it is NEVER UNDER CONTROL. It takes very little to see it go up again…like one greasy, delicious Lay’s potato chip.

At least I am making progress.  I did notice when I put on the airline seat belt for a recent trip to La La Land that I had a few inches of extra “belt” to spare!  Still, I noticed folks were reluctant to take the seat next to for fear I’d blub over into their laps, I guess.  So who sat next to me – a guy bigger than me! It was a tight squeeze.

On another note, my grandson is 16 and is a very good guitar player, and is natural drummer too -but he doesn’t spend much time on the drums- decided to take up the piano about 3 months ago.  Here is his first piano cover.  You’re awesome Gavin.