Why, Hello There

If you occasionally follow my blog, you know by now, you’re never sure what I might write about. Neither do I. I’ve written about loss, spiritual journeys, food, diets, vacations, shoes, music, storytelling, education, dogs, and chickens…and much more.

Why? Well because I started blogging as an experiment to see if I enjoyed writing, but I was faced with one very big problem – caring too much about the opinions of others. So to overcome that, I knew I must write authentically…and that is risky, but I had no choice if I was going to defeat my inner critic.

So with that in mind, here is a little story for you.

I believe in unseen spiritual energy that often represents a former physical presence. Ghosts? Maybe, but different too. Why do I believe in this? Because I have had multiple experiences with this feeling. Get to the point, right? Ok, it just happened again. (And, yes, every time something weird happens, I know there is a rational possibility behind it.)

I was sitting out in the living room, by myself, and I was deep in concentration as I was reading the latest version of “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.” (In fact, this deep engagement in thought is often a common element when I experience weird moments)

I was not really aware of anything except thinking deeply about the author’s comments. Suddenly a music box-like knick-knack across from me on a small table and in the form of an angel with a trumpet, begins to spin and play its melody. I look up from book, immediately get chills – chills usually occur during these moments- and I just watched it slowly wind down its tune. At the same time, I felt that unseeable presence of something.

My sister-in-law is visiting this weekend (Happy Birthday dear one) and she just gave us the musical angel this evening as she acquired it with a large box of used Christmas decor she recently bought. We wound it up, about 6 hours ago, and it ran its musical course.

I know music boxes do these things with changes in temperature etc., but this came with that sense of presence and chills up and down my arms. I just said, “Everything is ok, you can go home now.” The chills left. The feeling left.

It was about 2 years ago, in the same area, when I again was focused on just one thing and a loud crash – like something had just fallen off the wall- just a few feet from me. I was alone, hurrying for work, looking for something. I thought “Aw, shit I will have clean that up after I retrieve my lost item.” When I came back to the crash area, there was nothing broken. I looked all around. I went downstairs, out on the balcony. I couldn’t believe it. Nothing was out of place. Sometime later, I read where Carl Jung, the psychologist, described a similar incident in his life.

So I will add the restless angel to other moments, like my mattress sinking as if someone had just got in bed with me – but no one physically did. This happened twice. Or, the lamp by the bed,with the three position switch, getting turned to the 2nd position after we had turned it off to go to sleep.

Why, hello there.

I was going to take a photo of the angel and post it, but decided…ah, maybe not.