A Christmas Robin.

A very nice blog about a special bird. Alison’s posts are always insightful .

Through rose tinted glasses.


I couldn’t help but feel pleased and a little camera happy when this little chap made a come back to my garden the other day.   I’m not totally sure that it’s the same Robin who sang at the top of his voice, at the top of the tallest tree, first thing in the morning and last thing at night throughout the spring and summer months, staking his territory by showing off his fine red breast, but I guess it could be.  Although some robins migrate the majority will stay within a short distance.


There is something comforting and friendly about this quintessentially English bird.   One of my earliest childhood memories is of a Robin that used to happily hop around in the garden whenever my mum started digging, eagerly awaiting a juicy worm as she turned over the soil.  In fact,  when I saw my Robin in the garden…

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