Weird Dream

Aren’t they all weird?

Jason Mraz, the singer/songwriter fella, had come to do a fundraising concert that I was putting together-but he wasn’t happy about it.  I picked him up at a some kind of transportation terminal and said, “Are you hungry?” He went off on a little rant about how there are two kinds of parents – those who feed their children the right kind of food and those that don’t. Then he looked at me with disdain as someone in the latter category.

Next scene: we are at a rundown looking restaurant and Jason is not happy with the place and I had had enough of his bad attitude, so I ordered a ton of pastries and then told four kind of rough looking characters sitting next to us, “Hey, this is Jason Mraz and he would like a selfie with you guys.” Jason shakes his head at me, but reluctantly takes the photo as the group says, “Who is he?” The pastries come, Jason looks down at them, shakes his head in defeat and begins to nibble around the edges of the pastries. He then asks, “How many people are coming to the show tonight?” I say, “Beats me, I haven’t told anyone about it yet.” He shakes his head once again.

Next scene: We are outdoors and a little four piece bluegrass band  is setting up outside an antique shop. I said to them, “Hey, this guy would like to sing with you.” Jason was not happy, but made me sing with them too. We didn’t know the words so we both filled in with some la, la, la, la’s and some ooh, ooh, ooh, oohs. We sounded pretty good too until I ran off a scale of notes that just rambled with apparent place to end.

Last scene: Still kind of embarrassed about my background singing fiasco, Jason and I come across a group of young adults who are dancing in a hip-hop kind of style. Jason’s cool and immediately starts dancing  in the same manner. I thought, “Ok, I can do this,” and I begin dancing in the same way. I am actually pulling it off too, doing pretty well, although full of self-doubt. One of the dancers pairs up across from me, and I am feeling the pressure of the spotlight and fearing I am about to show I really can’t dance. At that moment, I get a calf cramp and I stop dancing, I pull up lame and acting very old….which is exactly when I woke up with a real life calf cramp in my real life leg in my real life bed, as I tried to stretch it out with my real life foot. 

I thought to myself in the middle of the night, “Don’t piss off Jason Mraz, even  in  your dreams.”

This is my favorite Jason Mraz song: Life is Wonderful.