After 3 days, we gently took the bars out of their molds. One set of molds had an image of a tree as part of the mold. The other set required a soap stamp and a careful use of a rubber mallet - which produced a very awesome image. Now the bars need to continue [...]

When my father died two months ago, I found myself with an inexplainable need to order some craft books; I ordered three of them in fact: leather crafting, candle making, and soap making. I decided to start with soap making and I got on Amazon to order the supplies I needed. Then I suddenly lost [...]

Just a short post here to acknowledge all the enlightened things I said in the Simply Beautiful post (the one before this one) came from a hypocrite. I was driving around Chico, California today, going from crowded store to crowded store, which were full of self-focused, stressed out people. Right from the start, I got [...]

As I have grown older, my appreciation of Simply Beautiful has grown deeper. I suppose it is somewhat related to my own physical appearance. Never having the classic physical attributes of, say, a movie star or male model, I had a more "swarthy" appearance. In the end, I think this was a blessing because as [...]