Simply Beautiful

As I have grown older, my appreciation of Simply Beautiful has grown deeper. I suppose it is somewhat related to my own physical appearance. Never having the classic physical attributes of, say, a movie star or male model, I had a more “swarthy” appearance. In the end, I think this was a blessing because as someone once told me their mother once told them, “There is always someone more beautiful than you, more smarter than you.” In other words, it is a game not worth playing.

As I slowly came to accept myself as is and to appreciate my sight, hearing, ability to walk, although with a limp, taste food, smell fresh air and fresh flowers, I also started seeing people differently – their physical appearance was no longer their defining attribute. And, all this took place while I worked in an environment, university, that appears somewhat like the mythical Fountain of Youth – every year a new cohort of 17 and 18 year olds take the place of those ‘old’ 23 and 24 year olds. Also, I am surrounded by human and cultural diversity. It all leads to finally recognizing the eyes really are the light of the soul. I used to have a hard time looking into people’s eyes when talking with them. Now I realize that is about all that matters, not because of color or shape, but because it is a doorway into who they really are. Yes, it is a form of Simply Beautiful.

Simply Beautiful surrounds our lives, through music, acts of kindness and love, poetry, puppies, and in our environment to name just a few things. The color of just one autumn leaf can grab your entire attention, even in the midst of urban chaos. A flower can stop you in your tracks, stop all the endless internal chatter of your mind. And a sunset? Oh my goodness. How its beauty is constantly changing and how just Simply Beautiful.

My wife sent me these two photos of yesterday’s sunset from our front porch. Simply Beautiful, … just like you.